Whats’s This?

In order to be able to skipper certain craft such as a powerboat or large sail boat you need to be in possession of a Skippers Ticket. You would get this by doing an accredited course via an accredited organization. They in turn would answer to the likes of SAMSA or SAS.

The categories are as follows:

Inland Waters: Now defined as all water areas accessible to the public and contained within ports and fishing harbours,lagoons, rivers, dams, wetlands and lakes in the Republic

You will need to take note of your operating environment when choosing a Skipper as their licensed category will matter. So too, whether they are qualified for Sail, Power (motor), or both. You can read up further on the SAMSA website regarding Small Vessels Policy.

The Skippers Registry

Below you will find a registry of the current Skippers in Scouts Western Cape so far as have submitted their information. Should you not see your name here and you are a licensed Skipper please submit your information by Clicking Here.

If someone does not appear on this list then they either do not hold a certificate or they did not consent to have it publicly displayed. If you see a duplicate listing then it is because the person holds tickets for different craft types that give them different Category Allowances.