Troop Scouter Portal

What This Is

The TSP, or Troop Scouter Portal, is a tool for you as Troop Scouters to keep track of Sea Scout Course applications in real time.

Basically, as the Course Leader is sifting through applications they will update the status of the application, as well as adding any notes about it. This means that at a glance you will be able to see what your scouts are missing and as such, what they need to do in order to complete their application.

Scouts are notoriously bad at checking their emails, so this is a way for us to get around that and ensure that the Training Team avoids pointless arguments due to the actions (or lack thereof) of others.

How This Works

In the table below you will see each of applicants and the following details:

– Course Name
– Scout Name
– Status of Application (Accepted/Pending/Declined)
– Notes

Obviously if the status is Accepted no further action is needed. If however it is Pending or Declined you will need to check the Notes field to determine the reason and whether it can be rectified. For example, if payment has not been made this can be solved, but if a scout is too young then it is unlikely to change.

As per the below you need only click on the tabs name to see that courses information.

The Status Page

Please Remember:
– This information is for you and you alone.
– You must keep your login details private
– You do not have permission to send this information (in any format) to another person/scouter
– Failure to comply with result in either your access, or the access for all users, revoked