Water Awareness

What’s This?

This is a course that is run several times a year and is a requirement in order to be able to do the Water Activity License course. By holding this certificate you will be able to oversee a limited level of water activities (as outlined in the policy document), providing that other requirements such as permits etc are met.

Validity & Renewal

The certificate is valid for a period of 5 years and can only be renewed by redoing the course. It is far more preferable however that you do the Water Activity License course within these 5 years so that you can then take part in the Water Activity License programme.

The Water Awareness Registry

Below you will find the full database of Water Awareness holders. If they do not appear on this list then they either do not hold a certificate, it has expired, or they did not consent to have it publicly displayed.

The list automatically removes those individuals with expired certificates so it is always up to date.