There are six Sea Scout competitions within the Western Cape that fall under the oversight of the Regional Water Activities Committee. Each of the competitions are run by their respective Competition Committee, who in turn all answer to the Regional Co-Coordinator Water Activities.

To see what dates each of the competitions are to be held you can view the Western Cape Calendar (please take note that due to COVID19 this can change on short notice)

The competitions are outlined in further detail below.


There are four regattas a year (roughly one per term) and they are all held at the Sea Scout Base. This is traditionally open only to Sea Scout Groups as participating teams will need to have access to a saldanha dingy for both the sailing and pulling sections.

Regatta queries can be sent to


This is a massive raft building competition that is traditionally held at the Sea Scout Base at the end of the 1st term (or thereabouts). It is open to the entire region which means that scouts from anywhere in the Western Cape are able to enter.

The competition takes place over a full weekend (Friday to Sunday). The main focus on the Friday and Saturday morning is the raft building segment where groups must build a raft sufficient to sleep six of their scouts for 24 hours. The teams are judged in stages to ensure that the raft construction is both safe and adequate. Once finished they will be presented with a water safety certificate depending on how well they have performed.

Once the rafts are launched it is time for Fringe Activities. This is a two day (Saturday afternoon and Sunday) segment that allows land teams from the entered groups to compete at various activities ranging from volleyball to knee boarding. It is an incredibly popular part of Kon-Tiki and one that attracts a huge gathering every year.

To contact the Chief Judge of Kon-Tiki you can use the following email:


This is a pulling/sailing competition that is held once a year, more often than not at the Simons Town Navy Base. Similar to the regattas a group will need to have access to a saldanha dingy in order to enter.

Groups will arrive on the Friday night to what is usually a more social side of the competition as well as basic preparation and administration. Things start more formally on the Saturday morning with groups starting two days of sailing, pulling, and other activities such as chart work and cooking.

This competition unlike the others is somewhat unusual in that we are not able to have spectators within the navy base itself. If you do wish to come down and see what’s happening you are welcome to view from the pier.

Should you wish to contact the Chief Judge you may do so via: