Adult Training

Adult Courses

There are two primary courses for adult leaders within the movement at this time in relation to Water Activities. They are as follows:

– Water Awareness

– Water Activity License

You will need to complete the Water Awareness Course before you will be able to attend a Water Activity License course. Water Awareness is usually run three times a year whereas Water Activity License courses will usually be run once a year, normally in January/February.

What This Means

Before you are able to oversee water events you need to hold one of the above depending on the activity.

Click here for more information on the Classification of Water Bodies


Water Awareness: The license is valid for a period of five years after which it cannot be renewed. You will need to have completed the Water Activity License course before the time is up, or you will need to redo the course.

Water Activity License: The license is valid for a period of 5 years. After which you will either need to do the course again or you must have completed the requirements of the CASS Programme.

Please note that before you start adding additional licenses to your records you must complete the Water Activity License Course.